About Us

Parry International is Situated in Ludhiana Punjab (INDIA). Founded in 1993, with the guidance and constant efforts of S. Darshan Singh, the company owner, the company has achieved new heights in manufacturing of high quality all kinds of Precision Turned Components, Fasteners, Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Grease Gun Components, Sheet Metal Parts, Hot Forgings Products & Special Forged Items & Forging Components.

Catering to specific forging product requirements, Parry International Ludhiana are engaged in the fast and efficient production of customized forgings products like hot forging fasteners i.e. eye bolts, j bolts, t bolts, belt fasteners, forging bolts and forging nuts, and other forging automotive products. with vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, we supply highest quality hot forged components and forged products to meet the market demands and industry trends.
Our forging industry expertise continues to grow with modern technologies assuring the highest level of forging Quality, Efficiency and Cost Reduction. We have employed personnel and infrastrutcture who are trained to provide our customer with unprecedented level of forging service and support.

We are committed to supply high precision hot forging products and durable forgings and CNC turned components in Ludhiana Punjab to ensure total satisfaction of our clients. We have established long lasting relationships with our customers all across the globe by offering highest quality forged products.

We offer highest quality hot forgings products & better services as per the specifications of our clients. Our products profile includes Precision Fasteners, Eye Bolts & Forging Items, Precision Turned Components, Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Grease Gun Fittings, Tractor & Trailer Parts, Sheet Metal Components.

To place an enquiry / order or to avail more information about the forging products or forging company, you can e-mail us and we would get back to you as soon as possible. We solicit queries and enquiries from all interested buyers, importers, traders, dealers. For any query just mail us :